Department of Physics announces activation of EverCool II Physical Property Measurement System

(L to R) Gang Xiao, Wenzhe Chen, Shu Wang, Michael Jokubaitis(L to R) Gang Xiao, Wenzhe Chen, Shu Wang, Michael JokubaitisDepartment of Physics is pleased to announce the activation of its latest major instrument: an EverCool II Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS) from Quantum Design, Inc. of San Diego, CA. The acquisition of this system places the department in a select group of research institutions worldwide. As one of only 25 EverCool II units operating in the United States out of 125 currently active, the Brown University PPMS offers researchers across multiple disciplines an unprecedented capacity to perform thermal and magnetic measurements on new materials, and significantly enhances the university’s research infrastructure. 

Operating on a Helium-3 closed cryogen refrigeration loop, this system provides a comprehensive suite of magnetic field and temperature measurements between +/- 9T and 1.9 – 400 K. Characterization options include vibrating sample magnetometry, resistivity, magnetoresistance, electron transport, thermal conductivity, Seebeck coefficient, and AC electron transport. The open-framework design of the system permits a high degree of user customizability, affording each investigator the ability to create unique measurements tailored to his or her specific sample and application.

The system will undergo a trial period, after which it will be opened for use by various research projects at Brown.

The EverCool II PPMS was acquired under an NSF MRI and Brown
collaborative grant , with the support of Professors Gang Xiao, Vesna Mitrovic, Jim Valles (Physics), Shouheng Sun (Chemistry) and Alexander Zaslavsky (Engineering). Thank you to Gang Xiao and Michael Jokubaitis, for the work associated with the purchasing and set up of the equipment, and to Jim Valles, Jean Miller and Sara Tortora, for assistance with the financial and facilities related aspects of the purchase and installation.

For more information about the system, its capabilities, and scheduling please contact Michael Jokubaitis.