ScM Program

 The Physics Master's (ScM) program is suitable as both a means for professional development and preparation for further graduate study.  The program offers enough flexibility to allow for completion of the degree in two, three, or four semesters of full time enrollment, depending on a student’s background. The program may also be completed with part time enrollment over a longer period.

Degree requirements 
A total of 8 credits in 2000 level courses form the main requirement for the ScM degree in Physics, typically taken over 4 semesters.  Of the eight required courses, four will be selected from the six core courses of the PhD program (PHYS2010, 2030, 2040, 2050, 2060, 2140).  Preparation of a Master’s thesis is highly recommended as it forms an important pillar of the professional training.  Therefore, one of the eight required courses may be PHYS2990 or 2991, Thesis Preparation.  Three additional credits at the 2000 level are required.  These courses are to be selected from the remaining core courses or the large number of other upper level physics courses.  Up to two of these can be taken in another department with approval of the program director. 

Students with less rigorous physics backgrounds will be advised to take a mixture of 1000 level and 2000 level courses during their course of study, necessitating a 3 or 4 semester track to completion.

Resources for Current ScM Students

Information for Prospective Students

The 5th-Year Master's Program