Graduate Student Resources

(Physics Department Contact - [email protected])

Student Support Services

(401) 863-3145 (business hours)

(401) 863-3322 (evening & weekend)

For all students, graduate and undergraduate. For academic and personal emergencies during business hours contact number (401) 863-3145. For emergencies on evenings and weekends contact the Administrator on Call (AOC) (401) 863-3322 

COVID-19 FAQs for Graduate Students

[email protected]

Frequently asked questions for Graduate Students about COVID-19. 

International Student Information

(401) 863-2427 

[email protected]

OISSS Email Communications

Spring 2020 Academic Policies 


Academic policies for the College and Graduate School (applicable only during the Spring 2020 semester) designed to support the active participation of both instructors and students during the transition to remote instruction, and to underscore the need for flexibility and understanding


PhD Students - Antal Jevicki

ScM Students - Vesna Mitrovic

For PhD student advising contact Prof. Antal Jevicki. 

For ScM student advising contact Prof. Vesna Mitrovic.