Brown Alumni Magazine: Mentor, Teacher & Physicist

Chancellor's Professor of Physics Gerald Stanford Guralnik, a much-loved Brown professor who mentored generations of students and younger colleagues and was considered a front-runner for the 2013 Nobel Prize in physics, died April 26 of a heart attack. He was 77. Read more

(Distributed July 25, 2014)

A virus reveals the physics of nanopores

Nanopores could provide a new way to sequence DNA quickly, but the physics involved isn’t well understood. That’s partly because of the complexities involved in studying the random, squiggly form DNA takes in solution. Researchers from Brown have simplified matters by using a stiff, rod-like virus instead of DNA to experiment with nanopores. Their research has uncovered previously unknown dynamics in polymer-nanopore interactions. Read More

(Distributed July 17, 2014)

LUX dark matter results confirmed

A new calibration of the Large Underground Xenon (LUX) dark matter detector brought a 10-fold increase in calibration accuracy, confirming findings announced last October from the instrument’s first 90-day run. If low-mass “WIMP” particles had passed through the detector, LUX would have found them. Read more

(Distributed February 21, 2014)
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