The Department of Physics welcomes its newest faculty member, Kemp Plumb, to its Experimental Condensed Matter Group.

Plumb’s lab will focus on exotic magnets in order to better understand the organizing principles that govern the collective behavior of electrons in quantum materials. “The way that I approach research is like an explorer,” Plumb explains, “I use neutron and x-ray spectroscopy to explore the little worlds that are realized inside different materials.” 

Plumb explores these microscopic worlds by bombarding these exotic magnets with either neutrons or x-rays to see how the electrons that are responsible for the magnetism collectively respond. While the worlds he observes may be little, the work can only be done at some of the largest facilities in the United States including Argonne, Brookhaven, and Oak Ridge National Laboratories. 

Before joining Brown’s Department of Physics, Plumb received his Ph.D. from the University of Toronto, followed by a postdoctoral appointment at Johns Hopkins University. “One thing that really stood out to me about Brown was that the community of the department is welcoming. I knew there would be opportunities for me to excel in my research at Brown, but at the same time I saw that it was an environment that was friendly.” Plumb is looking for interested and highly motivated graduate and undergraduate students to join our group. Please contact Professor Plumb if you would like to learn more about his research. You can read more about his group, Momentum Resolved Spectroscopy of Quantum Materials.