Astrophysics & Cosmology
Professor Ian Dell'Antonio
Alexander Moskowitz Computer Modeling of Dark Matter Weak Lensing
Geoffrey Sedor Hunting for Extreme Quasars
Nora Shipp Measuring the Impact of Large Scale Structure on Galaxy Cluster Masses
Erik Stayton An Analysis of Mass Distribution in Galaxy Clusters Through the Application of Strong and Weak Gravitational Lensing
Professor Richard Gaitskell
Daniel Butler Neural Networks for Particle Discrimination in the XENON10 Detector
Adam Coogan PMT Testing and Detector construction for the LUX Experiment
Anand Desai DMTools Dark Matter Experiment Limit Plotter
Professor Savvas Koushiappas
Urmila Chadayammuri Gamma Ray Signals from a Collection of Unresolved Dwarf Galaxies
Laura Mocanu Dark Matter Substructure in the Milky Way and Its Effects on the Dark Matter Annihilation Signal
Deivid Ribeiro Analysis of Gamma Ray data in search of dark matter signals
Professor Greg Tucker
Allison Deshler Analysis of the flight performance of the BLAST and EBEX sun sensors
Soumya Ghosh Testing of the optics of the Millimeter-wave Bolometric Interferometer
John Hermansen Measuring Magnetic Fields in Star Formation Regions
Charles Lee A real time simulation of the EBEX star camera
Biological Physics
Professor Derek Stein  
Jonathan Beller Electrokinetic Energy Harvesting in Silica Nanochannels with Hydrodynamic Slip
Karri DiPetrillo Entropically Trapping DNA with Solid-State Nanopores
Layne Frechette Use of Electrospray Ionization in the Development of Nanopore Mass Spectroscopy
Matthew Kretschmer Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting in Silicon Nanochannels
Jaeyoon Lee Effects of nanotrench dimensions in free energy landscaping
Jordi Negron Employing molecular probes and nanofluidic devices to study the mutated Clostridium difficile strain responsible for CDAD outbreaks
Elijah Shelton An Investigation of Reaction Rate Theory via Thermally Activated DNA Transport in a Nano-scale Topography
Professor Jay Tang
James Bensson Examining the Near Surface Swimming Behavior of Bacterium C. crescentus
Yukun Gao Swimming behavior of Caulobacter crescentus in viscous media
Ryan Handoko The motility mechanics of healthy vs. sepsis neutrophils
Yosuke Kurokawa Self-immobilization of Genetically Engineered Caulobacter Crescentus and Its Application in the Removal of Heavy Metal Ions from Water
Katrina Wilson Racing Swimming Bacteria on the Track of an Electric Field Time
Professor James Valles 

Eva Lyubich

Investigating the Swimming Response of Tetrahymena to Changes in Effective Gravitational Forces

Real Provencher

Comparative Investigation of the Swimming of Paramecia of Two Different Sizes

Cole van Krieken

Studying the formation of metallic thin films on hydrophobic and oleophobic surfaces

Michael Wagman

The Effects of Viscosity on Paramecium Motion

Alexander Berg

The Superconductor-Insulator Transition in Thin Films on Patterned Silicon
Condensed Matter Experiment
Professor Humphrey Maris
Laura Kolowski Mobility of Excited Electron Bubbles in Liquid Helium
Nathan Weinberger Making Movies of Electrons
Professor Vesna Mitrovic

Ryan Kaplan

The Integration and Analysis of Micro-Coils in NMR Probes

Zachary Winoker

Quantum Computing with Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Condensed Matter Theory
Professor Dima Feldman
Marc Langer How to Detect Anyons in the Real World
Professor Brad Marston
Katherine Dagon Formation of Jets in Planetary Atmospheres
Thomas Iadecola Hopf-Flow:  A Renormalization-Group Approach To Modeling Geophysical Statistics
Samuel Ocko Variational Approach to Spin Liquids in Two Dimensions
Professor Robert Pelcovits

Octavia Crompton

Simulations of Chiral Smectic Membranes
Elementary Particle Experiment
Professor Meenakshi Narain

Jared Lafer

Improvements to the CMS trigger systems detection of top quark production

Wei Jie Poh

Characterizing the Next Generation of Silicon Detectors
Elementary Particle Theory
Professor Gerald Guralnik
Nakul Luthra A Field Theoretic Approach to Mathematically Model Brain Function
Professor David Lowe
William Hicks U(1) charges in weakly-coupled free-fermionic heterotic string models
Professor Marcus Spradlin
Alexander DiRe The Structure of Scattering Amplitudes at High Loop Order
Edward Parker Exploring the Leading Singularity Conjecture
Amin Shaikh Classification of Dual Conformal Graphs
Professor Chung-I Tan
Caitlin Carpenter Research in Gauge Theory and Strings
Professor Anastasia Volovich
Laurentiu Rodina Twistors, Grassmannians and Gravity
Sorawis Sangtawesin Research in String Theory and Quantum Field Theory: Scattering Amplitudes