Starts:  20 January 2020
Ends:    24 January 2020


The goal of the workshop is to plan submission of center proposal for the Quantum Leap Challenge Institute on the identification and control of fundamental properties of quantum systems.

Four topics will be discussed:

  1. Probes of Topological Order - To develop and discuss direct probes of topological order and/or long-range entanglement to transform our fundamental understanding of quantum materials characterized by these essential properties for QIS. 
  2. Quantum Sensing - Development of high precision quantum sensors. 
  3. Resources for Quantum Computation - To establish ways to utilize topological order as a protector from decoherence and entanglement as a resource, allowing spatially separate parties to perform quantum protocols. 
  4. Coherent Control of Quantum States - To develop robust schemes for coherent control on quantum states (i.e. encoding and read-out of quantum states).