Recent CMT PhD Dissertations

Recent Condensed Matter Theory PhD Dissertations

Name Thesis Title Advisor
Hao Tu "Theoretical and Numerical Studies of Entropy-Driven Self-Assembled Smectic-A Monolayer Membranes" Prof. R. Pelcovits
Pengyu Liu “Simulations of Nematic Liquid Crystals: Shear Flow, Driven-Cavity and 2-Phase (Isotropic-Nematic) Step Flow” Prof. R. Pelcovits
Chenjie Wang “Transport in Quantum Hall Systems: Probing Anyons and Edge Physics” Prof. D. Feldman
Steven Horowitz “Strong Correlations in Aqueous Actinide Complexes” Prof. J.B. Marston
Dina Obeid “Noisy Stabilized Kuramoto-Sivashinsky: A Model for Studying State Selection in Far From Equilibuim Systems” Prof. J. M. Kosterlitz
Feifei Li "Transport in Low Dimensional Strongly Correlated Electronic System" Prof. D. Feldman
Kam Tuen Law "Probing Abelian and Non-Abelian Statistics in Fractional Quantum Hall States" Prof. D. Feldman
Seungwook Ma "Non-Perturbative Approaches to Problems in Strongly-Correlated Many-Body Physic" Prof. B. Marston
Andrew Callan-Jones "Topological Defects in Liquid Crystalline Matter: Strain Transitions, Simulations, and Visualization of Core Structure and Fluctuations" Prof. R. Pelcovits