Recent HET PhD Dissertations

Recent High Energy Theory PhD Dissertations 

Antun Skanata "The Hidden Kerr/CFT Conjecture” Prof. D. Lowe
Dhritiman Nandan "Techniques for Computing Scattering Amplitudes: Mellin Space, Inverse Soft Limit, Bonus Relations" Prof. A. Volovich
Qibin Ye “Bi-Local Approach to Higher Spin Gravity in AdS” Prof. A. Jevicki
Congkao Wen “Scattering amplitudes in N=4 SYM and N=8 SUGRA” Prof. A. Volovich
Marko Djuric “Aspects of High Energy Scattering and AdS/CFT” Prof. C. Tan
Kewang Jin “String Dynamics and Higher Spin Anti-de-Sitter Gravity” Prof. A. Jevicki
Dung Nguyen “Aspects of Scattering Amplitudes: Duality and Symmetry” Prof. M. Spradlin
Georgios Papathanasiou "Solitons and Spin Chains in Gauge/String Dualities" Prof. M. Spradlin
Cengiz Pehlevan "Non-perturbative Methods in Quantum Field Theory" Prof. G. Guralnik
Shubho Ranjan Roy "Holographic Description of Black Holes and Cosmic Inflation in Asymptotically anti de Sitter Backgrounds" Prof. D. Lowe
Michael Abbott "Semi-Classical Approaches to Quantum Gravity and String Theory Solitons" Prof. D. Lowe
Ines Varela Aniceto Aspects of AdS/CFT Correspondence: Symmetries, Integrability and Solitons" Prof. A. Jevicki
Daniel Doro Ferrante “Symmetry Breaking: A New Paradigm for Non-Perturbative QFT and Topological Transitions” Prof. G. Guralnik
Chrysostomos Kalousios "Classical String Solutions in AdS/CFT" Prof. A.Volovich
Yeuan-Ming Sheu "Finite-Temperature Quantum Electrodynamics: General Theory and Bloch-Nordsieck Estimates of Fermion Damping in a Hot Medium" Prof. H. Fried
Aristomenos Donos "Bubbling AdS and Droplet Descriptions on BPS Geometries in IIB Supergravity" Prof. A. Jevicki
Sera Cremonini "Interactions in Anti-De Sitter Space" Prof. A. Jevicki
Kyung-Taek Lim "Chiral Extension of Lattice Field Theory with Ginsparg-Wilson Fermions”  Prof. C-I Tan
Gary Scott Watson “String Gases in the Early Universe” Prof. R. Brandenberger