Alena Boyko (she/her/hers) - Summer Intern - The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Summer Research Advisor: Prof. Gang Xiao (Department Chair)

Can you share about the research you worked on this summer?

I have been working on developing a numerical model and a prototype for an MTJ sensor designed specifically to detect cracks and defects in concrete wellbores – as the oil spill accidents rate is increasing, designing a feasible diagnostics method would alleviate the issue. By introducing a relatively small amount of iron powder into concrete we are able to generate weak magnetic response, detectable by a gradiometer.

What was a fun experience you had this summer while at Brown?

I have particularly enjoyed meeting Brown people and learning about their work, and I had lots of fun with the lab group. One of the unforgettable memories I will bring back to Hong Kong is a short visit to Boston with the group, not only as a lovely journey but also an opportunity to ask lots of questions. Overall, I learned a lot during this summer and, more importantly, met wonderful and inspiring people, who I hope to meet again in future.