Daniel Sanz Zulet - Summer Intern, Cantabria University

Summer Research Advisor: Prof. Jia (Leo) Li

Can you share about the research you worked on this summer?

First, graphite, hBN and WSe2 were exfoliated to obtain 2d materials. These materials were studied using an optical microscope and cut, if needed, using AFM. Then, 2d materials were stacked together using a transfer station, forming 2d material heterostructures. Finally, the stacks were designed using DesignCAD and left for the master students to finish the electronic device and obtain measurements.  

What did you enjoy doing this summer while at Brown and in Providence?

The entire two months were a great experience as a whole. Making huge ice-creams in the Sharpe Refrectory was particularly fun. Also, the area is great for weekend travels, such as visiting NYC, Newport or Boston. The campus is very quiet and relaxing, a great place to be after a year living in the middle of London.