The Departmental Undergraduate Group (DUG) is a student-run organization that meets regularly to hear faculty research presentations, discuss career opportunities in physics and fosters a strong sense of community among all of the undergraduate Physics concentrators.

AY 2020-2021 Physics DUG Coordinators:

  • Jasper Chen
  • Joseph Hall
  • Taylor Knapp
  • Smita Rajan

Contact: [email protected]


The Women in Science and Engineering Program (WiSE) at Brown also sponsors many programs of interest to Physics students, and is open to all genders. 

AY 2020-2021 Physics WiSE Coordinators:

  • Samantha McGraw

  • Sarah Bawabe

  • Hannah McFarland

  • Anvita Bhagavathula 

  • Daphne Maniatis 

  • Natalie Love 

Contact: [email protected]


Undergraduate members of the department are also invited to the weekly general department colloquium (following one of the department's "coffee hours") and to all of the numerous seminar programs in the various research areas. 

The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee of the Department which is staffed by faculty members formulates and monitors the curriculum, solicits suggestions and critiques from students. 

Every student in the Department is asked to fill out a course evaluation form for each course at the end of each semester. These evaluations, which do not have to be signed, are used to monitor the material and teaching in the Department's offerings.