Political Science Department

Recent Awards and Contributions in the Political Science field:

Congratulations to Juliet Hooker! Her book Theorizing Race in the Americas: Douglass, Sarmiento, Du Bois, and Fasconcelos (Oxford, 2017) has received the American Political Science Association's 2018 Ralph J. Bunche Award for the best scholarly work in political science that explores the phenomenon of ethnic and cultural pluralism.




Congratulations to Mark Blyth on receiving the Best Paper Award from the European Politics and Society section of the American Political Science Association for the article, "When Is It Rational to Learn the Wrong Lessons? Technocratic Authority, Social Learning, and Euro Fragility," Perspectives on Politics 16:1 (2017) pp. 110-126. 



Congratulations to Eric Patashnik! His book Unhealthy Politics: The Battle Over Evidence-Based Medicine (Princeton, 2017)was selected by the Science, Technology and Environmental Politics Section of the American Political Science Association for the Don K Price Award, which recognizes the best book on science, technology, and politics published in the last year. 



The political science department at Brown is a dynamic community of scholars and students investigating some of the largest, most pressing challenges of political life today. Our faculty are at the leading edge of research in all the traditional subfields of political science: American politics, comparative politics, international relations, and political theory. We study many different regions of the world, and we engage a wide variety of methods and intellectual approaches. We have a vibrant PhD program that trains graduate students for careers in academia and advanced research. Our undergraduate major is one of the largest on campus, although most of our classes are small and allow students to work closely with faculty members. Our graduates pursue a wide range of different careers paths, including law, public service, business, education, and more.

Our faculty and students profit from the many outstanding institutes, centers, and programs at Brown that bear on the study of politics. These include the Taubman Center for Public Policy and American Institutions, the Watson Institute for International Studies, the Program in Urban Studies, the Center for Contemporary South Asia, the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, the Political Theory Project, the Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in America, Middle East Studies, Development Studies, the Population Studies and Training Center, and Africana Studies. Together we are a community of faculty, graduate students, undergraduates, postdoctoral fellows, and visiting scholars at the cutting edge in the study of political life. We are diverse in approach, method, and field of study, but we work closely together to foster new understanding and creative approaches to the political challenges of our increasingly complex world.