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Internal and External Dissertation Fellowships

Internal Fellowships

Internal Fellowships are available to Brown University Graduate School funded dissertation-level doctoral students and are awarded competitively. A minimum of two fellowships will be awarded per year. Fellowships may be awarded for either one semester or a full year.

Students who have been awarded fellowships are expected to devote themselves to research, scholarship, or the completion of their dissertations. Fellowship recipients are not allowed to hold other work appointments, either inside or outside the university.

All fellowships include a stipend to cover living expenses. The University does not withhold taxes from fellowship awards. The portion of the fellowship that is used to cover tuition and fees is not taxable. However, funds used to cover room, board, travel, and research are considered a form of taxable income. Students who receive fellowships are responsible for reporting their income accordingly.

Application Procedure

If you are interested in applying and are currently in your third or fourth year in the program, submit the following to the Graduate Program Coordinator by April 1. Documents 1-5 should be e-mailed as one attachment. The Graduate Affairs Committee will review the applications.

1. A personal statement describing how exactly the dissertation fellowship will be used, why it is crucial to your research, and why you need one semester or two to accomplish it.

2. A one-page maximum abstract.

3. An up-to-date vitae

4. An unofficial transcript

5. A copy of your (draft) prospectus. Please note that a defended prospectus is no longer required; however, awardees must have defended their prospectus by mid-August or forfeit the award.

6. A letter of evaluation (not recommendation) from your advisor indicating the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed project and your ability to carry it out, preparedness to start the research and likelihood it will be completed within the proposed time frame.

Other Fellowship Opportunities

Please find this list of external and internal funding opportunities.