Brown Political Forum

The Brown Political Forum (BPF) is a student-run political discussion group that brings together students with a wide range of perspectives and experiences to talk about the important political issues of the day.

The BPF exists for two reasons. The first is that there are not enough opportunities for youth to discuss important issues without looking to current policymakers, professors, news outlets, and other older people. The BPF is a student-only operation to allow young people to develop their own voices, views, and solutions to problems independent of what older generations think is preferable or possible. The second is that there are not enough spaces for people with differing political views to engage with each other in a thoughtful manner. The BPF is dedicated to promoting mutual understanding through meaningful multipartisan dialogue.

For information on events, visit the BPF Facebook Page.

Executive Board

President - Miriam Rollock (2015)
Vice President - Uday Shriram (2015)
At Large - Sophia Liang (2015)
At Large - Dante O'Connell (2016)
Secretary - Silvina Hernandez (2017)

Policy Council

Campaigns & Elections - Stephen Ark (2015)
Campus Affairs - Yvette Rodriguez (2015)
Civil Rights - Kim Charles (2016)
Economics & Finance - Shreya Bhargava (2015)
Education - Florene Frenot (2016)
Environmental Policy - Hunter Tabloff (2014.5)
Foreign Affairs - Michael Tamayo (2014)
Gender & Sexuality - Esme Ricciardi (2015)
Science & Society - Justin Juan (2016)