David A. Savitz

Professor of Epidemiology and Obstetrics and Gynecology


David Savitz joined the Department of Epidemiology in the School of Public Health and the PSTC at Brown in 2010. Savitz has served frequently as a panel and committee member for the National Research Council and Institute of Medicine on issues related to environmental and reproductive health.

Throughout his research career, Savitz has sought to clarify two of the more pressing questions in public health: identifying the health risks from environmental exposures, and identifying the causes of problems associated with pregnancy and fertility. He has focused on environmental and lifestyle influences on miscarriage and preterm birth, as well as the causes of pregnancy complications. Environmental agents of interest have included radiation, pesticides, and drinking water disinfection by-products. Savitz is currently working on NIH-supported projects addressing the potential effect of air pollution on pregnancy in New York City and an examination of the impact of labor induction on the health of the mother and infant. 

Selected Publications

“Maternal Ethnic Ancestry and Adverse Perinatal Outcomes in New York City” (with C.R. Stein, T. Janevic, C.V. Ananth, J.S. Kaufman, et al.). American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 201(6): 584, 2009. PMC2789914

“Ethnic Density and Preterm Birth in African-, Caribbean-, and US-Born Non-Hispanic Black Populations in New York City” (with S.M. Mason, J.S. Kaufman, M.E. Emch, and V.K. Hogan). American Journal of Epidemiology, 172(7): 800-808, 2010.

 Savitz D.A., Harmon Q., Siega-Riz A.M., Herring A.H., Dole N., Thorp J.M. Jr. "Behavioral influences on preterm birth: integrated analysis of the pregnancy, infection, and nutrition study." Maternal Child Health Journal 2012 Aug; 16(6):1151-63. PMID: 21989675.


Fertility, Health risks from environmental exposures, Pregnancy, United States