Stephen McGarvey

Professor of Epidemiology and Anthropology
Director of the International Health Institute


Stephen McGarvey is the Director of the International Health Institute and Professor (Research Scholar Track) of Epidemiology and Anthropology. He directs the Global Health Scholars within the Brown MPH program.

McGarvey is working on two large projects. The first examines the genetic, physiologic, and behavioral influences on cardiovascular disease risk factors in Samoa and American Samoa, and newer research in applied interventions on non-communicable diseases. He currently directs a genome-wide association study of adiposity and metabolic phenotypes in Samoa. This will study will also attempt to detect specific interactions between genetic variants and individual level dietary and physical activity factors on adiposity and metabolic phenotypes.

His second project is on the parasitic infection Schistosoma japonicum in the Philippines. His research focuses on a multidisciplinary study of the ecology and transmission of schistosomiasis and how its distribution in space, time, and people is influenced by the anthropogenic changes to the environment due to rice farming.

McGarvey also works with other PSTC faculty on the role of migration on the health transition in South Africa with a focus on HIV and cardiovascular disease risk factors.


Environmental health, Global health, Human population biology, Non-communicable diseases, Nutrition transition, Tropical parasitology