Children in U.S.-Mexico Migration: The 0.5 Generation

12-1 pm

PSTC Seminar Room 205

Silvia Elena Giorguli Saucedo, Professor of Demography and President, El Colegio de México

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Silvia Elena Giorguli Saucedo is Professor of Demography and President of El Colegio de México in Mexico City. Her research has focused on issues of international migration from Mexico to the United States and its consequences on education and family formation for the Mexican population on both sides of the border. She has also studied the transitions to adulthood in Latin America and the effects of demographic change, particularly on education.

Giorguli was director of the Center for Demographic, Urban, and Environmental Studies at El Colegio de México and president of the Mexican Demographic Society. Giorguli was the founding editor of the demographic journal Coyuntura Demográfica, and is the author and editor of numerous books and articles on Mexico-U.S. migration. She serves on the National Council of Migration Policy of the Secretary of the Interior and the Citizen Advisory Council for Population Policy of the National Population Council.

Giorguli received her PhD in Sociology from Brown University and is the 2018 recipient of the Horace Mann Medal awarded each year by Brown University to a distinguished alumnus of the Graduate School. She is an alumna of the PSTC's training program.

The Mexico-U.S. Migration: The Mexican Perspective Lecture Series is sponsored by the Herbert H. Goldberger Lectureship, and co-sponsored by the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, the Population Studies and Training Center, and the Department of Sociology. It is being organized by PSTC Faculty Associate David Lindstrom, professor of sociology.

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