Gender, Inequality, and Empowerment Series | Experiences of Combined Substance Use/Prenatal Care Treatment in Western North Carolina

12-1 pm

PSTC Seminar Room 205, Mencoff Hall

Bayla Ostrach, Assistant Professor of Medical Anthropology and Cross-Cultural Practice, Boston University School of Medicine


Ostrach will discuss her new project, which focuses on women's experiences of care coordination, support, and stigma in combined substance use/prenatal care treatment in Western North Carolina.

Ostrach, MA, PhD, is a member of the core faculty for the Medical Anthropology and Cross-Cultural Practice Master’s Program. She coordinates the required Service Learning Internship Program for first-year master’s of science students. Her faculty appointment is in the Family Medicine Department at Boston University School of Medicine; she is also affiliated faculty at Boston University’s Department of Anthropology. Ostrach is also a Full Fellow of the Society of Family Planning and a member of the American Anthropological Association. Ostrach has co-authored multiple publications on syndemics, including single- and co-authored publications on reproductive health care access and policy, and Health Policy in a Time of Crisis: Abortion, Austerity, and Access (Routledge Press 2017).

Gender, Inequality, and Empowerment Series: How do different approaches to gender inequality and empowerment engage structural and individual power relationships and inform efforts to transform hierarchical gender systems? How are gender inequalities intertwined with other inequalities and connected to local and global politics? This interdisciplinary series tackles the (re)production of gender inequalities within a variety of areas, including health, violence, and economic empowerment.