Presentation Skills Workshop

10:00 – 11:30am


Zohar Frank, PhD Candidate, Theater Arts and Performance Studies, Brown

In this workshop, participants will discuss the basics of effective communication in presentation and public speaking skills. They will be given tools for structuring compelling and memorable presentations, learn how to speak clearly and confidently, and how to connect with and engage their audience. 

Zohar Frank is a PhD candidate in the Department of Theater Arts and Performance Studies at Brown, where she studies performance philosophy and in looking at creative practices together with phenomenology, aesthetics, psychoanalysis, shamanism, and the philosophy and practice of yoga. Her research is focused on moods and states of being, seen through the notions of becoming, passing, rapture, effacement, and death. Prior to pursuing doctoral studies, she has been professionally involved in dance-making as a performer, choreographer, and dramaturge, and has extensive teaching experience of somatic practices.

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