When Does Money Matter? School Funding and Black-White Inequality of Educational Achievement 2009-2014

12-1 pm

PSTC Seminar Room 205

Emily Rauscher, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Brown University

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Rauscher will address the relationship between school funding and academic achievement as well as whether this relationship varies by funding type or race. Drawing on district-level panel data from the Stanford Education Data Archive 2.0 and the Census Finance Survey, she uses school district and year fixed effects to estimate the relationship between changes in funding and achievement within the same district from 2009 to 2014. Her results suggest revenue from state general funding formulae, which aim to increase equality in most states, increases achievement more among Black than White students and reduces Black-White achievement gaps.

Rauscher's research seeks to understand intergenerational inequality with a focus on education and health. She uses quantitative methods and causal inference techniques to investigate these areas and to identify policies that could increase equality of opportunity. She received her BA from Wesleyan University, Master’s degrees from USC and Trinity College Dublin, and a PhD in Sociology from New York University.

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