Events & Workshops

Weekly colloquia and various workshops play an integral part in the PSTC's training program, showcasing the work of scholars near and far and exposing PSTC affiliates to cutting-edge research and methods from diverse disciplines. 

The weekly colloquia take place during the academic year on Thursdays at noon in the PSTC Seminar Room in Mencoff Hall, unless otherwise noted.

September 15: How are SNAP Benefits Spent? Evidence from a Retail PanelJesse Shapiro, George S. and Nancy B. Parker Professor of Economics, Brown University 

September 22: Now, Later, or Never: Childless or Child Free in Post-Socialist Hungary, Marida Hollos, Professor Emerita of Anthropology, Brown University

September 29: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Samoan Biological Responses to Modernization: Evolutionary, Nutritional, Demographic, and Sociocultural Factors, Stephen McGarvey, Professor of Epidemiology, Director of the International Health Institute, Brown University

October 6: New Approaches to Estimating the Value of Research, Bruce Weinberg, Professor of Economics, Ohio State University

October 13: Ethnoracial Diversity and Trust, Reexamined, Maria Abascal, Postdoctoral Research Associate in Population Studies, Brown University

October 20: Queering Chinese Kinship Studies: Love, Marriage, and Family among Gay Men in Urban China, Casey Miller, Postdoctoral Fellow in Population Studies, Brown University

October 27: Intergroup Contact and Competing Allegiances in a Complex World, Sara K. Cowan, Assistant Professor of Sociology, New York University

November 3: Beyond the Population Bomb: Demography After 1968, Emily Klancher Merchant, Postdoctoral Fellow, Dartmouth College, Neukom Institute for Computational Science

November 10: Cohabitation Nation? Gender, Class, and the Remaking of Relationships, Sharon Sassler, Professor, Department of Policy Analysis and Management, Cornell University

November 17: Parenthood, Family Friendly Firms, and the Wage Trajectories of Women and Men, V. Joseph Hotz, Arts and Sciences Professor of Economics, Duke University