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December 11: PSTC Holiday Party
. Celebrate the season with tea and treats, along with gingerbread houses and cookies to decorate. Family and friends welcome. 4:30-6 pm, PSTC Lobby. Please RSVP here.

December 14: PSTC Trainee Town Meeting. Join us for a PSTC Town Hall-style meeting of predoctoral trainees to discuss what works well at PSTC, any new changes we would like to implement, and an overall discussion of the traineeship. This is a forum to share across departments and disciplines so we can better understand opportunities within the Center, discover chances to collaborate, and ask questions. Please come even if you can only join for part of the meeting. PSTC Seminar Room 205, 12-1 pm. RSVP here by December 8.

December 15: Yoga Lunch Break: Breathe for Less Stress with Jessie Dwiggins, Certified Yoga Instructor. Join the PSTC community to learn yoga movements and breathing techniques to decrease stress, un-bind muscular tension, and ease aches. 12-1 pm, PSTC Seminar Room 205. No special attire or equipment required. Please register here.


January 8-19: The GIS Institute is an intensive two-week course focused on visualization, management, and analysis of geographic data. The Institute is a partnership between S4, the Brown University Libraries, EarthLab, and the PSTC. The GIS Institute allows participants to refine and/or develop spatial/geographic research questions with guidance and critical feedback from Brown University faculty. Application deadline is December 1. More information here.


Date Presenter(s)
December 6 Nicole Kreisberg, PSTC Predoctoral Trainee in Sociology
January 31 Ben Bellman, PSTC Predoctoral Trainee in Sociology
February 28 Jerome Marston, PSTC Predoctoral Trainee in Political Science
March 21 Yun Zhou, PSTC Postdoctoral Research Associate, and Lynette Arnold, Anthropology
April 25 Kevin Escudero, American and Ethnic Studies, and Almita Miranda, CSREA
May 16 Bryan Moorefield, PSTC Predoctoral Trainee in Anthropology, and Rui Carvalho, PSTC Predoctoral Trainee in Sociology

How do different approaches to gender inequality and empowerment engage structural and individual power relationships and inform efforts to transform hierarchical gender systems? How are gender inequalities intertwined with other inequalities and connected to local and global politics? This interdisciplinary series tackles the (re)production of gender inequalities within a variety of areas, including health, violence, and economic empowerment. 

February 6: Impact of Economic Empowerment and Gender Rights Training on Women in Conflict-Affected Populations in Colombia, Kathryn Yount, Professor of Global Health and Sociology, Emory University; 12-1 pm, PSTC Seminar Room 205, Mencoff Hall. Add to calendar.

February 20: Experiences of Combined Substance Use/Prenatal Care Treatment in Western North Carolina, Bayla Ostrach, Assistant Professor of Medical Anthropology and Cross-Cultural Practice, Boston University; 12-1 pm, PSTC Seminar Room 205, Mencoff Hall. Add to calendar.

March 20: Saving Mothers: Post-abortion Care and the Global Production of Reproductive Health Disparities in Senegal, Siri Suh, Assistant Professor in Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies and Global Studies, University of Minnesota; 12-1 pm, PSTC Seminar Room 205, Mencoff Hall. Add to calendar.

The weekly colloquia take place during the academic year on Thursdays at noon in the PSTC Seminar Room 205 in Mencoff Hall.

The Spring 2018 Colloquia will begin on February 1. 

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