Research Administration

The administrative staff provide numerous services in support of faculty and student researchers and are responsible for the overall operation of the Center, including financial and space management. Services to PSTC associates include clerical assistance and grants management, among others. Below is a list of provided services:

Clerical Services

  • Mail delivery
  • Express mail services
  • Photocopying and faxing
  • Room scheduling
  • Office supply purchases
  • Building management
  • Equipment maintenance

Administrative Services

  • Processing Human Resources and federal forms for faculty and staff employees
  • Domestic and international travel planning, travel advances, and travel reimbursement 
  • Purchasing
  • Basic word processing and assistance with preparing tables, graphs, and charts
  • Coordinating logistics for visiting speakers
  • Organizing logistics for PSTC events and conferences
  • Publicizing information on colloquia and events
  • Room and equipment setup for PSTC events
  • Recruiting and managing all graduate research assistants and hourly workers
  • Office, meeting, and work space management

Proposal Preparation and Grants Management

Proposal Preparation

  • Reviewing and complying with funding agency requirements
  • Formatting proposals as per agency requirements
  • Gathering and formatting necessary documents (biographical sketches, information on other support)
  • Developing a budget and budget justification
  • Drafting information on the PSTC’s resources and environment
  • Editing proposal text
  • Obtaining necessary approvals and signatures from investigators and the Office of Research Administration
  • Submitting the proposal to the funding agency

Please contact Thomas Alarie or Melissa Medeiros if you plan to submit a proposal through the PSTC. 

Grants Management

  • Financial management and recordkeeping
  • Setup of subcontracts and professional services agreements
  • Post-award activities (including annual continuation applications, reports to funding agencies, etc.)

Access to Services

All PSTC associates and off-campus affiliates are eligible for all services mentioned above. Visitors, as needed, enjoy the same level of support.