For Faculty

With approximately 50 faculty associates, the PSTC provides a stimulating environment in which scholars focusing on population studies can be exposed to other faculty work and receive support in computing and grants management, as well as other benefits.

The PSTC selects a fertile mix of associates who help advance the mission and reputation of the Center with high-quality, innovative, and influential population-related research that is or promises to be influential in:

  1. The traditional demographic community;
  2. Their respective disciplines; and/or
  3. Advancing an emerging line of interdisciplinary research.

While the PSTC has a deep connection to three core departments—Anthropology, Economics, and Sociology, as well as the School of Public Health—the Center also engages faculty doing population-related research in other areas (such as Education, Environmental Studies, History, and Political Science) if their interests align with the PSTC signature themes.

Anja SautmannAnja Sautmann“Our project in Mali has benefited from the full range of support that the PSTC offers. PSTC funds have contributed substantially to our budget and made our first survey round possible. The PSTC is also currently supporting a graduate student, Samuel Brown (NICHD trainee), who is working with us on the project. Most importantly, PSTC funds allowed him to travel to Mali with us, something that would not have been possible otherwise. PSTC events have also brought my co-authors and me together with researchers in related disciplines, and we have started meeting regularly with Omar Galárraga, Assistant Professor of Health Services Policy & Practice and PSTC Associate, and Ira Wilson to discuss our current work and possibilities for future collaboration. Last but not least, PSTC staff have assisted us with grant writing and helped us solve some tricky database problems.” 

Anja Sautmann, Assistant Professor of Economics and PSTC Associate