Fall 2013 Colloquia

All colloquia take place on Thursdays at noon in the PSTC Seminar Room in Mencoff Hall, unless otherwise noted.

September 5: Michael Rendall, Professor of Sociology, University of Maryland. Socio-Economic Gradients in Displacement From and Return to New Orleans Four Years After Hurricane Katrina.

September 12: Marc Patrick Brag Klemp, Visiting Assistant Professor of Population Studies, Brown University. Be Fruitful and Multiply? Intergenerational Trade-off in Reproductive Success.

September 19: Jennifer Trinitapoli, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Demography, and Religious Studies, Penn State University. A Moveable Feast? The Flexibility of Fertility Preferences in a Transitioning Malawian Community.

September 26: Nidhiya Menon, Associate Professor of Economics, Brandeis University. Seasonal Effects of Water Quality: The Hidden Costs of the Green Revolution to Infant and Child Health in India.

October 3: Jennifer Barber, Professor of Sociology, University of Michigan. Romantic Relationships, Pregnancy Desire, and Pregnancy: Some Insights from Dynamic Prospective Data.

October 10: Carolyn Sargent, Professor of Sociocultural Anthropology, University of Washington St. Louis. Contraceptive Calculations among Clinicians and Malian Immigrants in France.

October 17: Katherine Curtis, Associate Professor of Community and Environmental Sociology, University of Wisconsin. Disaster Recovery Migration: Changes in the Migration System of Disaster-affected Coastline Counties after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

October 24: Deborah Balk, Associate Professor of Public Affairs, Baruch College/City University of New York. What Is Urban? What can be gained by comparing satellite data with the Demographic and Health Surveys.

October 31: Stelios Michalopoulos, Assistant Professor of Economics, Brown University. National Institutions and Subnational Development in Africa.

November 14: Lenore Manderson, Professor of Medical Anthropology, Monash University. The Cultural Logic of ‘Treat to Prevent’ and Diseases of Poverty in Africa.

December 5: Clark Gray, Assistant Professor of Geography, University of North Carolina. Climate Variability and Internal Migration in Pakistan and Bangladesh.