Funding & Other Benefits

The PSTC recognizes the importance of responding to emerging opportunities, so proposals for use of developmental funds are accepted on a rolling basis. Associates are encouraged to talk to the Director before applying for funds to ensure the proposed work is consistent with organizational objectives and available resources. For any human-subjects research, associates must have CITI certification before receiving funds and an approved IRB protocol before beginning the human-subjects component of the research.

All PSTC associates, inclusive of postdoctoral fellows, are eligible to apply for the use of developmental funds made available by the Center's NICHD infrastructure grant and other resources. Access to these funds depends on these factors: 

  • Scientific merit of each activity;
  • Potential contribution to the scholarly development of participants;
  • Consistency with signature themes or with other emerging areas of strength;
  • Past success in translating developmental funds into externally funded research and publications;
  • Feasibility and cost-effectiveness of proposed activity;
  • Evident need for timely and flexible resources;
  • Potential interdisciplinary impact.

There are three types of activities the PSTC supports, and the procedure for application is outlined below. 

  1. Individual or Collaborative Research Seed Money
    Individuals or groups of associates can request money at any time. For requests of $2,000 or less, the PSTC requires the associate to submit a description of the proposed activity. For requests over $2,000, the associate must provide a budget and budget justification; summary of the overall research project or agenda; plans for obtaining external funding to support the broader agenda; and a discussion of how the timely nature of an opportunity and limitations on other possible sources of support make this activity particularly well-suited to the use of developmental funds. Resources requested might include data purchase or research assistant time for preliminary feasibility analysis or background literature review. Within three months of completing the funded activity, a brief summary is required, indicating how the funds have affected the research progress and specific plans for seeking external funding.
  2. Workshops or Conferences
    Requests for funds to support workshops and conferences require a discussion of the purpose of the proposed activity; a summary of the likely audience for the workshop both within and outside Brown; a characterization of how this activity will further the mission of the PSTC; a statement of other sources of support that PSTC funds might leverage; and a preliminary budget. Activities will be evaluated in part with respect to the number of PSTC associates likely to participate and the promotion of intellectual exchange between PSTC faculty and currently unaffiliated faculty in other units. Examples of the types of activities that could be supported are a conference bringing attention to a new line of scholarly research in which PSTC researchers are playing a leading role or providing instruction in an emerging set of research skills that will likely benefit a cross-section of PSTC researchers. Within three months of completion of the supported activity, a program summary and brief report of the impact of the activity is required.
  3. PAA Travel Funds

Please send your proposal to Ana Karina Wildman. Proposals are reviewed and approved by the Director in consultation with the Steering Committee and Assistant Director.