Trainees must complete PSTC requirements as well as their department-specific courses offered through their home department and as outlined by the PSTC. They must choose one course from outside their home department using the approved list below. Students can petition the Associate Director to have appropriate courses added to the list. For details on all Brown course offerings, the entire course catalog is available.

“Being a PSTC trainee gave me the tools and expertise to pursue my interests in population research. My training in demography enhanced my experience as a Ph.D. student at Brown and has undoubtedly made me a better sociologist. At the PSTC, I became part of a close-knit, interdisciplinary, and intellectually stimulating community of researchers. I am certain that the many professional and personal relationships I built at the PSTC will be with me for many years to come. I received great support for professional development and mentoring from the affiliated faculty at PSTC. The center funded my attendance to population studies conferences, and hosted a great number of visiting speakers. All of these resources helped me establish an important professional network outside of Brown.”

Gabriela Sanchez Soto ’11, Postdoctoral Fellow, Princeton University (initial); Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Texas, San Antonio (current)

Approved External Courses

Banner Code Course Title Offered Fall 2016 Offered Spring 2017
ANTH 2020 Methods of Anthropological Research   x
ANTH 2025 Research Design and Ethnographic Methods in Anthropology    
ANTH 2200A International Health
ANTH 2230 Medical Anthropology x
ANTH 2300 Anthropological Demography
ANTH 2301 Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Population
ANTH 2302 Field Methods for Anthropological Demography
ANTH 2303 Anthropology of Fertility and Reproduction
ANTH 2304 Issues in Anthropology and Population    x
ECON 2190E Topics in Economics: Economics and Psychology

ECON 2320 Economics of Labor and Population  x  
ECON 2330 Topics in Labor Economics    x
ECON 2360 Economics of Health and Population    
ECON 2370 Inequality: Theory and Evidence
ECON 2410 Urbanization    x
ECON 2420 The Structure of Cities  
ECON 2510 Economic Development I
ECON 2520 Economic Development II
ECON 2535 Topics in Experimental and Behavioral Economics
ECON 2830 Dynamic Optimization and Economic Growth x  
PHP 2220B Nutritional Epidemiology    
PHP 2220C Perinatal Epidemiology    
PHP 2220E Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology x
PHP 2220H HIV Epidemiology    
PHP 2230 Infectious Disease Epidemiology    
PHP 2240 Environmental Epidemiology
PHP 2310 Physical Activity and Public Health
PHP 2325 Place Matters: Exploring Community-Level Contexts on Health Behaviors, Outcomes and Disparities x
PHP 2365 Health of LGBT Populations x
PHP 2400 The U.S. Healthcare System x
SOC 2010 Multivariate Statistical Methods I x  
SOC 2020 Multivariate Statistical Methods II   x
SOC 2080 Principles of Population  x  
SOC 2210 Qualitative Methods  x
SOC 2220 Advanced Quantitative Methods    
SOC 2230 Techniques of Demographic Analysis    
SOC 2240 Event History Analysis    
SOC 2260E Structural Equation Models    
  Migration, Urbanization & Development    
SOC 2260F Advanced Techniques    
SOC 2260A Demography of Aging and Life Course    
SOC 2260C Perspectives on Family Planning    
  African Demography    
SOC 2320 Migration  x  
SOC 2360 Fertility    
SOC 2380 Mortality    
SOC 2610 Spatial Thinking in Social Science    x
SOC 2960G Spatial Data Analysis Techniques  x
SOC 2960H Demography of the Life Course  
SOC 2960L Special Topics in Population  x  x
SOC 2960P Social Network Analysis