Department-Specific Requirements

Department-Specific Requirements

In addition to the department-specific requirements listed below, PSTC trainees must take one elective course from an outside department (See Requirements). 


Population Track Courses
PSTC trainees in Anthropology take three population-related courses in the department. 
Anthropology courses are directly geared to preparation for research in anthropological demography. Trainees must take two specialized courses in anthropological demography and one population-related elective in the department.

  1. Anthropological Demography (ANTH 2300)
  2. Issues in Anthropology and Population (ANTH 2304)
  3. Elective course in population track in Anthropology

Elective courses include:

  • Methods of Anthropological Research (ANTH 2020)
  • Research Design and Ethnographic Methods in Anthropology (ANTH 2025 )
  • International Health (ANTH 2200A)
  • Medical Anthropology (ANTH 2230)
  • Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Population (ANTH 2301)
  • Field Methods for Anthropological Demography (ANTH 2302)
  • Anthropology of Fertility and Reproduction (ANTH 2303)

Exams and Committee Requirements
Anthropology doctoral students are required to prepare for and take examinations in three fields in their third year, and PSTC trainees in Anthropology must include anthropological demography as one of those three.


Economics doctoral students take eight courses in the department and then must pass core exams at the end of the first year.

Population Track Courses
PSTC trainees in Economics take one foundational course and at least two population-related electives in the Economics department.

  1. Economics of Labor and Population (ECON 2320)
  2. Elective course in population track in Economics
  3. Elective course in population track in Economics

Elective courses include:

  • Topics in Economics: Economics and Psychology (ECON 2190E)
  • Topics in Labor Economics (ECON 2330)
  • Economics of Health and Population (ECON 2360)
  • Inequality: Theory and Evidence (ECON 2370)
  • Urbanization (ECON 2410)
  • The Structure of Cities (ECON 2420)
  • Economic Development I (ECON 2510)
  • Economic Development II (ECON 2520)
  • Topics in Experimental and Behavioral Economics (ECON 2535)
  • Dynamic Optimization and Economic Growth (ECON 2830)

Exams and Committee Requirements
At the end of the second year, PSTC trainees in Economics must pass an oral exam for which at least one PSTC faculty associate serves on the examination committee.

Political Science

PSTC trainees in Political Science currently follow the Sociology population track. See below for requirements.

Public Health

Population Track Courses
PSTC trainees in Public Health take two population-track courses and an advanced population-related elective in Public Health.

  1. Analysis of Population Based Data Sets (PHP 2430)
  2. Social Determinants of Health (PHP 1920)
  3. Elective course in population track in Public Health

Elective courses include:

  • Nutritional Epidemiology (PHP 2220B)
  • Perinatal Epidemiology (PHP 2220C)
  • Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology (PHP 2220E)
  • HIV Epidemiology (PHP 2220H)
  • Infectious Disease Epidemiology (PHP 2230)
  • Environmental Epidemiology (PHP 2240)
  • Physical Activity and Public Health (PHP 2310)
  • Place Matters: Exploring Community-Level Contexts on Health Behaviors, Outcomes and Disparities (PHP 2325)
  • Health of LGBT Populations (PHP 2365)
  • The U.S. Healthcare System (PHP 2400)

Note: The required outside elective course must be in addition to those in your degree program (e.g., you cannot count Economics of Health and Population both for the Health Economics track in HSR and for the outside elective course requirement for the PSTC).

Sociology doctoral students take five core courses in the discipline in their first year.

Population Track Courses
PSTC trainees in Sociology take a sequence of two foundational courses as well as an additional population-related elective in Sociology.

  1. Principles of Population (SOC 2080)
  2. Techniques of Demographic Analysis (SOC 2230)
  3. Elective course in population track in Sociology

Elective courses include:

  • Principles and Methods of GIS (SOC1871F)
  • Event History Analysis (SOC 2240)
  • Advanced Demographic Techniques (SOC 2260F)
  • Migration (SOC 2320)
  • Fertility (SOC 2360)
  • Mortality (SOC 2380)
  • Spatial Thinking in Social Science (SOC2610)
  • Urban Sociology (SOC 2960C)
  • Spatial Data Analysis Techniques in the Social Sciences (SOC 2960G)
  • Demography of the Life Course (SOC 2960H)
  • Special Topics in Population (SOC 2960L)
  • Social Network Analysis (SOC 2960P)

Exams and Committee Requirements
All PSTC trainees in Sociology must take two prelim exams and include at least one PSTC faculty associate on their master’s and dissertation committees.