Junan Zhang

PhD candidate, Department of Sociology, Shanghai University

Junan Zhang is a PhD candidate in the Department of Sociology at Shanghai University. She joins the PSTC as a visiting student. She finished her master degree in Social Work in 2014. Junan’s research interest is in social capital, health inequality, mental health, and medical social work. Her research has examined the social networks of schizophrenics and the possibilities that social workers could help them and their families maintain better lives.

Her recent research uses the China General Social Survey (CGSS) 2016 data to analyze the impact factor of elderly community participation by the methods of mathematic statistics. Her analysis focuses on two questions. The first question is whether social stratification will influence urban community elderly residents’ participation in community. The second is what factors are influencing their participation behavior. Junan’s dissertation addresses how elderly people’s individual social capital and their community-level social capital can influence their health, including mental health and physical health. 


Health inequality, Medical social work, Mental health, Social capital