PSTC affiliates instrumental in BIARI, African workshop

June 4, 2014


PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] The Brown International Advanced Research Institutes (BIARI), hosted by the Watson Institute and slated for June 9-20, will again be convened and supported by multiple PSTC affiliates. In addition, over the past three summers, the PSTC has sponsored more than thirty African scholars to participate in the Population and Development Institute as part of the annual BIARI at Brown University.


PSTC affiliates involved in the 2014 BIARI include:


Human Security and Humanitarian Response BIARI:

  • Melani Cammett, co-convener, PSTC Associate and Associate Professor of Political Science;
  • Dana Smiles, coordinator, PSTC graduate trainee.

Ethnicity, Conflict, and Inequality in Global Perspective BIARI:

Population and Development BIARI:

  • Daniel Smith, co-convener, PSTC Associate and Associate Professor of Anthropology;
  • Bianca Dahl, co-convener, former PSTC postdoctoral fellow and University of Toronto Assistant Professor of Anthropology;
  • Ellen Block, facilitator, PSTC postdoctoral fellow;
  • Chelsea Cormier McSwiggin, coordinator, PSTC trainee;
  • Patrick Heller, presenter, PSTC Associate and Professor of Sociology;
  • David Weil, presenter, PSTC Associate and Professor of Economics;
  • Michael White, presenter, PSTC Associate and Professor of Sociology
  • Andrew Foster, presenter, PSTC Director and Professor of Economics;
  • Glenn Loury, presenter, PSTC Associate and Professor of Economics;
  • Rachel Franklin, presenter, PSTC Associate and S4 Associate Director;
  • Stephen McGarvey, presenter, PSTC Associate and Professor of Epidemiology and Anthropology.

An African professionalization workshop, co-convened by Daniel Smith and Bianca Dahl, will take place along with BIARI. The workshop provides an additional training and networking opportunity for African scholars in an intimate PSTC setting. 

In conjunction with the Population and Development BIARI, a reception is being held at the PSTC in the Mencoff Hall foyer on June 13.