PSTC to Offer Undergraduate Certificate in Migration Studies

September 2, 2022

For the first time in the Center’s history, this semester, undergraduate students will be eligible to pursue the PSTC’s new Migration Studies Certificate. Offered in conjunction with the Department of Sociology and in accordance with the goals expressed by the PSTC’s Migration Studies Initiative, this undergraduate certificate program seeks to supply students with a strong multidisciplinary understanding of human migration and the immigrant experience. 

As is true for all undergraduate certificate programs, students may choose to pursue the Migration Studies Certificate in addition to their primary concentration. As specified by the degree requirements, interested students will be asked to complete one mandatory Sociology course on International Migration (SOC 0315 International Migration), one research methods course, and two migration elective courses from a pre-approved list. 

“Because the certificate program draws upon courses across multiple departments and centers at Brown, it fosters a multidisciplinary understanding of migration,” says PSTC Sociologist David Lindstrom, who will oversee the program. “The program also emphasizes research methods, research experience, and rigorous approaches to the study of migration.” 

PSTC faculty have long discussed the need for an undergraduate certificate program. Lindstrom and his colleagues are hopeful that this new certificate will prepare interested students for graduate level programs in the social sciences by connecting them to the training and scientific activities offered by the PSTC community.

“We expect that it will build community among students and faculty with a shared interest in migration, immigration, and the immigrant experience,” he added.