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Kate Mason — a Brown University anthropology professor who co-founded the Pandemic Journaling Project with Sarah Willen, a University of Connecticut anthropology professor — said the writings, submitted anonymously, had two things in common: "a lot of deep loneliness" and "a lot of fear and uncertainty."

As schools reckon with the toll of the pandemic, leaders across the country have begun to test out a strategy they hope will help students catch up on missed learning: tutoring.

When mothers weigh the choice to leave the workforce, childcare costs are the immediate concern, says PSTC Economist Emily Oster, That makes sense, but it doesn't mean parents considering a break from the workforce shouldn't also consider longer-term factors as well.

Sociologist Michael J. White offers context to WalletHub's recent comparison of more than 500 of the largest U.S. cities across three key indicators of ethnic diversity.

Air travel is essential to connecting firm workers who reside in different locations by effectively and efficiently shrinking the geographic distance between them. But beyond merely bridging this physical gap, can it also play a role in helping global organizations overcome cultural, temporal and other dimensions of distance and...

We Need More Research on Guns

February 21, 2023 | The Washington Post | Megan Ranney

Some researchers have created databases to describe mass shooters. But this is descriptive data, not a predictive model. What is it about a school kid, a lonely elderly man, or a young adult that makes them shoot themselves or someone else? Are there environmental signals that we can act on? Are they long term, or in the moment?...

News headlines often give the impression of teacher shortages as national and state level crises, but if policymakers want to ensure classrooms are adequately staffed, they need to examine and address labor market conditions more locally, all the way down to the school level.

Professor Linford Fisher’s team of research assistants has been hunting through letters, diaries, court papers, newspapers, and other records, searching for references to Indigenous people who were enslaved or forced into other positions of servitude.

PSTC Researcher David Savitz comments on new study finding that Covid-19 infection while pregnant can increase the risk of death by seven times.