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PSTC Associate David Savitz receives prestigious honor.

"The Opportunity Atlas: Mapping the Childhood Roots of Social Mobility," a study coauthored by Economist John Friedman.

The Problem with Boys

October 7, 2019 | BBC Radio | Jayanti Owens

Why are boys failing at school? What can be done about it? And, can experts agree on root causes? Jayanti Owens provides commentary based on her education and gender research.

Jesse Shapiro provides insight on political polarization.

Partly filmed at the PSTC, Economist Emily Oster reveals key data points that challenge conventional parenting wisdom.

Research shows conflicting data on the impact of the intervention, but a major new study confirms it can work. PSTC Educational Economist Matthew Kraft provided commentary for this article. 

Idaho Press article references the work of PSTC Anthropologist and Epidemiologist Stephen McGarvey, who studies obesity in the South Pacific.

A study led by Associate Professor Matthew Kraft, which found text messages sent to parents of elementary school children helped encourage children to take part in literacy activities during the summer months, was featured.

Current research led by PSTC Sociologist Michael White is referenced for its work advancing the understanding of how migration and urbanization impact population health in South Africa.

Economist Emily Oster addresses the practicalities and logistics of parenting and working.