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Will an increase in teacher pay help improve student performance? Associate Professor John Friedman offers expertise on quantifying a teacher's value and the new education models for setting salary marks.

Day-to-day parenting choices matter less than we think, but national policies matter a lot, writes Economics Professor Emily Oster in NYT’s The Upshot.

Associate Professor John Friedman comments on the SAT test's new adversity rating, saying "For each extra year you spend in a good environment, you do a little better. It’s very powerful when somebody overcomes that."

Economics Professor Emily Oster critically discusses popular data regarding parenting choices and their effects on children in this New York Times Op-Ed.

Research conducted by Associate Professor John Friedman was cited in an article commenting on the American college admissions process.

Professor David Savitz was one of three scientists selected to serve on a Michigan panel that will enforce drinking water standards for the state.

Brown Economics Professor Oded Galor and PSTC Visiting Scholar Marc Klemp discuss their work relating genealogical records to economic growth.

Brown Economics Professor Matthew Turner provides insight on congestion pricing.

Gender Inequality in China

February 26, 2019 | CSCC Podcasts | Yun Zhou

PSTC Postdoc Yun Zhou discusses gender inequality in China, particularly the implications of the one-child policy and its repeal.

PSTC epidemiologist David Savitz comments on a new study on the cancer-causing potential of glyphosate herbicides.