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A study led by Associate Professor Matthew Kraft, which found text messages sent to parents of elementary school children helped encourage children to take part in literacy activities during the summer months, was featured.

Current research led by PSTC Sociologist Michael White is referenced for its work advancing the understanding of how migration and urbanization impact population health in South Africa.

Economist Emily Oster addresses the practicalities and logistics of parenting and working.

An analysis led by PSTC Associate Jayanti Owens found that different treatment of black and white students accounted for half of the racial gap in school suspensions and expulsions among 5- to 9-year-old children.

A study by PSTC Associate and Professor of Sociology David Lindstrom finds that Mexican immigrants are learning English and regularly interacting with non-Mexicans at higher rates, the Pacific Standard reports.

The practice of personalized learning is the latest ed-tech trend out of Silicon Valley. Associate Professor Matthew Kraft believes the new education model's claims to transform schools are exaggerated, he tells The New Yorker.

Economics Professor Jesse Shapiro coauthors new research that shows difference in language used online by Republicans and Democrats when discussing mass shootings.

New parents are given a lot of rules to follow, but little guidance for how to decide what is most important, writes Economics Professor Emily Oster in The Atlantic.

Like many other progressive hopes, the teacher pay proposals from 2020 Democratic presidential candidates need a bit more focus, writes Associate Professor Matthew Kraft in a New York Times Op-Ed.

Associate Professor Matthew Kraft recognized as a 2019 EdTech Influencer by "Ed Tech Magazine."