In the News

Lottery jackpots are overwhelming played by low-income Americans, says a MarketWatch article that cites research by PSTC economist Emily Oster.

Quartz cites PSTC economist Emily Oster's research on challenges of determining breastfeeding benefits.

Article cites research by PSTC trainee Ieva Zumbyte on the "motherhood penalty."

Widening highways doesn't relieve traffic congestion, says PSTC economist Matthew Turner.

A new report on millennials cites research on interracial marriage in the U.S. by PSTC sociologist Zhenchao Qian.

PSTC economist Jesse Shapiro comments on the use of phone data, even when phone owners are unaware.

Providence white-Hispanic segregation is among highest in the nation, says PSTC demographer John Logan.

Study co-authored by PSTC Assistant Professor of Education Matthew Kraft addresses the impact of teacher evaluations on supply of new teachers.

College is an incredible boost to upward mobility but students need to decide wisely about where to go, says PSTC economist John Friedman.