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Newsletter recaps PSTC research and awards

June 18, 2018

Catch up with the latest in the Spring 2018 edition of the PSTC newsletter.

hands holding glass filled with money and a seedling

Do you do population research?

June 5, 2018

The PSTC is now accepting applications to develop collaborative population-related projects. Applications due June 10.

BIARI 2015 participants in front of the PSTC

BIARI kicks off at Brown and in Kenya

June 4, 2018

PSTC faculty associates convene Brown International Advanced Research Institutes (BIARI) on campus and across the globe.

Pedro Dal Bo, Rachel Friedberg, Abigail Harrison, and Daniel Smith

PSTC faculty associates receive University promotions

June 1, 2018

Several PSTC faculty associates are being promoted by Brown University, effective July 1.

Jennifer Park

PSTC alum receives PAA service award

June 1, 2018

Jennifer Park ('04 PhD in Sociology) has received the 2018 Excellence in Public Service Award from PAA.

Exterior of the PSTC

Oh, the places they’ll go

May 25, 2018

Predoctoral trainees and postdocs secure placements following completion of the PSTC training program.

Brown University commencement with rows of graduates

PSTC faculty and alum to present at commencement forums

May 24, 2018

Mindfulness, incarceration, inter-generational mobility, and migration to be addressed.

Brown logo at the top of the Van Wickle Gate on campus

PSTC faculty receive University funding and awards

May 23, 2018

Five PSTC faculty associates have received Research Seed Funds, Salomon Awards, and a teaching award from Brown University.

cover of the International Handbook on Gender and Demographic Processes

PSTC affiliates contribute to new handbook on gender and demographic processes

May 18, 2018

Multiple PSTC affiliates and alum have contributed to the newly published handbook.

In the News

traffic jam on highway

Widening highways doesn't relieve traffic congestion, says PSTC economist Matthew Turner.

Young adults singing with hands raised

A new report on millennials cites research on interracial marriage in the U.S. by PSTC sociologist Zhenchao Qian.

PSTC economist Jesse Shapiro comments on the use of phone data, even when phone owners are unaware.

census test mailing envelope

Providence white-Hispanic segregation is among highest in the nation, says PSTC demographer John Logan.

Study co-authored by PSTC Assistant Professor of Education Matthew Kraft addresses the impact of teacher evaluations on supply of new teachers.

Girl taking photo of money sign

College is an incredible boost to upward mobility but students need to decide wisely about where to go, says PSTC economist John Friedman.

teacher at white board

Assistant Professor of Education Matthew Kraft discusses the successes, failures, and future of teacher evaluation reforms.