PSTC trainees launch into careers

PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] – At the close of another academic year, PSTC graduate student trainees and postdocs are launching into their careers in a variety of academic and private sector positions. The following PhD students have completed their degrees at Brown and the training program at the PSTC and are beginning their careers. Read more.

(Distributed June 16, 2017)

Support for interracial marriages higher than marriages

PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] – Interracial marriage is on the rise in the U.S., but not as quickly as the numbers of those who say they support it. In "Why support for interracial marriage is much more common than interracial marriage itself," Professor of Sociology and PSTC Associate Director Zhenchao Qian, whose research interests include interracial families, notes the "increasingly diverse marriage market" in the U.S. and more social and economic opportunities as driving factors in increased numbers of interracial marriages. However, regional differences in diversity affect the rates, he says.

(Distributed June 16, 2017)

Exploring pollution and inequalities using GIS

PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] – The semi-annual GIS Institute concluded last week with presentations by the participants, including three PSTC trainees. Chinyere Agbai (Sociology) presented "Race and Proximity to Hazardous Waste Facilities in Los Angeles." Ken Miura (Economics) presented "Does Pollution Lead to Labor Reallocation? Evidence from Japanese Metal Mines." And Ieva Zumbyte (Sociology) presented "Spatial Disparities in Women’s Empowerment in Bangladesh." Read more.

(Distributed June 15, 2017)

Parental age limits adoptions

PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] – Parental age restraints for international adoptions are limiting many would-be parents from adopting, says Associate Professor of Anthropology Jessaca Leinaweaver. In "Adoptive or Birth Parent," she cites recent research about the pros of advanced parental age and argues that good parenting should not have an "expiration date."

(Distributed June 12, 2017)
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