Ana Karina Wildman

Assistant Director
Ana Karina Wildman

Ana Karina Wildman has extensive operational leadership, communications, and project management experience, along with an international background. With eight years of university administration tenure, she specializes in operational management, strategic planning, and communications.  She provides high-level support to the research and training mission of the PSTC.  

Wildman works closely with the director to ensure the efficient operation of the PSTC’s core functions and to design long-term goals and vision for the Center, both internally for Brown and externally to the research community. As a member of the leadership team, she provides lead support to the training program, manages Center-wide projects, and coordinates ongoing externally funded research and capacity-building activities across diverse international settings. Wildman develops and implements dissemination plans for research results and PSTC activities within and beyond Brown, and oversees the staff team.


Center operations, Communications, Corporate and foundation relations liaison, Research administration, Training program management