Ieva Žumbytė

Predoctoral Trainee in Sociology

Zumbyte's research interests cover social demography and development. Specifically, she is interested in gender inequalities in work, family, and subjective well-being, and how these issues are shaped by local social contexts. Relatedly, she is interested in various policies that aim to reduce social and spatial inequalities. Zumbyte studies diverse global contexts, and her most recent work focuses on India and China.


Das, M. B., and I. Zumbyte. 2017. The Motherhood Penalty and Female Employment in Urban India. Policy Research working paper 8004. World Bank, Washington, D.C. 

Das, M. B., Kapoor-Mehta, S., Tas, E. O., and I. Zumbyte. 2015. Scaling the Heights: Social Inclusion and Sustainable Development in Himachal Pradesh. Washington, DC:  World Bank.

Scholarly Interests

Social Demography, Gender, Family, and Work, Child Care, Social exclusion, Public Policy, Spatial Analysis, Social Sustainability, Development, South Asia, China