Jayanti Owens

Mary Tefft and John Hazen White, Sr. Assistant Professor of International and Public Affairs and Sociology
Jayanti Owens

Jayanti Owens joined Brown University and the PSTC in 2015. Broadly, her research focuses on the causes of gender, racial/ethnic, and immigrant educational and labor market inequality. Her current research addresses three puzzles: The growing, female-favoring gender gap in educational attainment in the United States; a growing disparity in parents' and teachers' perceptions of boys' and girls' childhood behavior problems across cohorts; and the uneven educational and career penalties associated with males' and females' behavior problems.

Amid the marked rise in the diagnosed prevalence of behavior problems such as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) among children in the United States, Owens investigates social and medical explanations for this rise in diagnosed prevalence across cohorts. She also uses a counterfactual framework to examine cohort and gender differences in the effects of ADHD diagnosis and treatment on later well-being and educational and labor market outcomes. Owens' work has appeared in journals such as Sociology of EducationSocial Science ResearchEthnic and Racial Studies, and Sociology of Religion.

Selected Publications

Owens, Jayanti. (2014). “Racial/Ethnic Variations in the Consequences of Religious Participation for Academic Achievement at Elite Colleges and Universities.” Sociology of Religion, 75(1): 80-112. 

Massey, Douglas S. and Jayanti Owens. (2014). “Mediators of Stereotype Threat among Black College Students.” Ethnic and Racial Studies, 37(3): 557-575.

Owens, Jayanti and Scott M. Lynch. (2012). “Black and Hispanic Immigrants’ Resilience against  Negative-Ability Stereotypes at Selective Colleges and Universities in the United States.” Sociology of Education 85(4): 303-328. (Lead Article; Sociology of Education’s “Most Read Articles in May 2013”)

Scholarly Interests

Children and families, Demography, Education, Gender, Population health, Stratification, Work and organizations

Affiliated Departments

Department of Sociology