Mark M. Pitt

Professor of Population Studies (Research)
Mark M. Pitt

Mark Pitt came to Brown in 1989 and has served as both Director and Associate Director of the PSTC. His recent research has focused on household resource allocation, spatial and inter-generational mobility in rural Bangladesh, the household division of labor and health, the effects of investments in children on their outcomes as adults, and the impact of arsenic in drinking water on cognitive and physical capabilities as well as on the schooling attainment, occupational structure, entrepreneurship, and incomes of the rural Bangladesh population.

Pitt has been collaborating with Mark Rosenzweig of Yale University and Nazmul Hassan of the Institute of Food Science and Nutrition at Dhaka University (Bangladesh) on collecting and analyzing multiple rounds of survey data from Bangladesh, providing family-based and individual panel information on long-term health and productivity, migration, marriage, and other demographic outcomes a 33-year span.

Scholarly Interests

Adult outcomes, Gender, Health, Households, Micro-credit programs, Migration, Nutrition

Affiliated Departments

Department of Economics