Spring 2014 Colloquia

All colloquia take place on Thursdays at noon in the PSTC Seminar Room in Mencoff Hall, unless otherwise noted.

February 6: Jimi Adams, Assistant Professor of Sociology, American University. Demographic Research Clustering 1964-2011: How Disciplinarity Shapes Demography.

February 13: Rachel Silvey, Associate Professor of Geography, University of Toronto. Migration, Difference, and the Scales of (In)Security: Indonesian Workers in Dubai.

February 27: Tetyana Pudrovska, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Demography, Penn State University. Job Authority and Breast Cancer.

March 6: Daniel Smith, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Brown University. The Imagined Epidemic: Morality and Behavior in Nigeria's Era of AIDS.

March 13: Sri Nagavarapu, Assistant Professor of Economics and Environmental Science, Brown University. Public Service Delivery in Urban Punjab: Short-term Reforms and Long-term Gains.

March 20: Thurka Sangaramoorthy, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of Maryland. Risky Individuals, Risky Communities: Culture and the Paradox of HIV/AIDS Prevention.

April 3: Ulla Berg, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Rutgers University. The Cosmopolitan Cholo: Transnational Mobility and Aspirational Economies in the Peruvian Andes.

April 10: Pascaline Dupas, Assistant Professor of Economics, Stanford University. Effectively Targeting Health Subsidies in Sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence on Take-up and Delivery.

April 17: Scott Yabiku, Associate Professor of Sociology, Arizona State University. Community Forestry and Armed Conflict in Nepal.

May 8: Guy Stecklov, Associate Professor of Sociology and Anthropology, Hebrew University. Family planning for strangers: An Experiment on the Validity of Reported Contraceptive Use Data.