Zhenchao Qian

Associate Director of the Population Studies and Training Center
Professor of Sociology


Zhenchao Qian joined Brown University and the PSTC in 2015. His current research focuses on changing patterns of marriage, cohabitation, and assortative mating and how the patterns vary by gender, race/ethnicity, nativity status, and educational attainment. He is an elected fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Qian's research interests include marital experiences and health outcomes, racial identification among children born to interracial couples, integration patterns of immigrants in the United States, and demographic and social changes in China.

Selected Publications

Tumin, Dmitry, Siqi Han, and Zhenchao Qian (2015). “Estimates and Meanings of Marital Separation.” Journal of Marriage and Family 77: 312-22.

Qian, Yue, and Zhenchao Qian (2014). “The Gender Divide in Urban China: Singlehood and Assortative Mating by Age and Education.”Demographic Research 31: 1337-64.

Restifo, Salvatore, Vincent Roscigno, and Zhenchao Qian (2013). “Segmented Assimilation, Split Labor Markets, and Race/Ethnicity Inequality: The Case of Early Twentieth Century New York.” American Sociological Review 78: 897-924.

Qian, Zhenchao, Jennifer Glick, and Christie Baston (2012).  “Crossing Racial, Ethnic, and Nativity Boundaries:  Ethnic Differences in Marriage and Cohabitation.” Demography 49: 651-75.


China, Family demography, Immigration, Race and ethnicity, Social Inequality, United States