Master of Arts Program in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies

A.M. Information (program is currently on hold)

This interdisciplinary degree program is designed to provide recent graduates as well as mature professionals holding an A.B. degree and possessing a reading and speaking knowledge of Portuguese with a humanities/social science curriculum focusing on the Portuguese-speaking world.

The requirements for this degree follow those of the A.M. in Brazilian Studies with the difference that students will be required to take at least three courses in Portuguese literature, history and culture and at least three courses in Brazilian literature, history and culture. Students will satisfy a Portuguese language proficiency requirement by taking POBS 1030 or passing a proficiency examination. As in the case of the other Master's degrees in the Department, a Master's Project is required unless the student is receiving this degree “in course.”

Transfer Credit for All Master's Degrees

Graduate work done in graduate residence at other institutions and not used in fulfillment of the requirements for a degree may be offered in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a Master's degree on recommendation by the department. However, the equivalent of at least seven semester courses must be completed in residence at Brown University. Students who wish to transfer credit for work done elsewhere should file an application with the Registrar as soon as possible. Forms are available in the Office of the Registrar.