Financial Support for Doctoral Students

Financial Assistance and Assignment of Teaching Assistants, Teaching Fellows, and Proctors

The Graduate School guarantees five years of financial support for doctoral students in good academic standing, who, in the judgment of the department's faculty, are making the expected progress towards the completion of their degree. Continued support is contingent upon the timely completion of such landmarks as the general examination (third semester), the preliminary examination (no later than the end of the sixth semester) and the colloquium (no later than the end of the seventh semester). Though not guaranteed, sixth-year support it generally available to students who are making steady progress towards the completion of their degrees, and have submitted chapters of their dissertations during the fifth year. Sixth-year support is normally in the form of a teaching assistantship.

For the first year financial aid is generally in the form of a university fellowship, covering tuition for eight courses, a monthly stipend and the health fee. Support for the second, third and fourth years are usually in the form of a teaching assistantship, teaching fellowship or a proctorship, covering tuition, a monthly stipend and the health fee. When students serve as Teaching Assistants, Teaching Fellows or Proctors, they are allowed to enroll in only three courses per semester.

Students serving as teaching assistants and teaching fellows are required to participate in orientation programs sponsored by the Center for Language Studies and the Department beginning about a week before the start of fall semester classes. They are also required to participate in an organizational meeting with the department's language coordinator before the start of the spring semester. As such, they should plan their return from summer and winter breaks accordingly. 

Teaching fellows, teaching assistants and proctors must seek advance permission from their supervisors for extended absences from campus while classes are in session and during the exam period. In planning their summer travel, students should bear in mind that such appointments cover the academic year through May.

Although we are committed to providing different types of teaching and research opportunities for all students, the assignment of teaching assistants, teaching fellows and proctors must also take into account the needs of the Department in a given semester.

Since financial support for the fifth year normally consists of a dissertation fellowship, it is essential that students submit their dissertation proposals no later than the end of their seventh semester.

If needed, the Department will also assist students who are making steady progress towards the completion of their PhD in securing support for the sixth year.

In addition to academic year fellowships, assistantships and proctorships, the Graduate School guarantees support for a minimum of three summers during each doctoral student's career at Brown. Students choose the three summers during which they would like to be supported by the Graduate School.

The Department encourages and provides guidance for students to apply for outside fellowships either for academic year or summer support. 

Belda Family Research Fellowship

Thanks to the continued generosity of the Belda Family, the Department of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies is now able to offer fellowships to support research trips to Brazil by our doctoral candidates. Priority is given to students who have completed their preliminary examination and been advanced to candidacy.

 Interested students should submit a proposal consisting of a two-page narrative, the dates when they plan to use their fellowship and a budget. Awards are based upon the significance and soundness of the project and its relevancy to the student's research.

Past Recipients of the Belda Family Research Fellowship:
  • 2012 - Thayse L. Lima
  • 2011 - Lamonte Aidoo; Isadora Grevan de Carvalho
  • 2010 - Luiz C. Prazeres
  • 2009 - Sophia F. Beal; Stephen Bocksay
  • 2008 - Rex P. Nielson