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Learn Portuguese!

Interested in learning Portuguese? The Department of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies offers 2 different introductory tracks:

POBS 0100: Elementary Portuguese

  • MW 2-2:50pm
  • TTh 1-2:20pm

POBS 0110: Intensive Portuguese

(double credit course!)

(Distributed September 4, 2018)

New Courses, Fall 2018

Looking for a course this fall? The Department of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies has two new course offerings (both conducted in English) to add to our catolog:

POBS 0710A: "(En)Gendering the Text: Gender and Sexuality in Latin American Literature and Film" (Register for GNSS 0710A)

(Distributed September 4, 2018)

5/8: Dissertation Defense, Patrícia Martinho Ferreira

Tuesday, May 8, 2018
George Monteiro Conference Room,
159 George St.

A dissertation defense by Patrícia Isabel Martinho Ferreira in the Department of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies. Title: "Órfãos do Império Colonial: Reflexo de Perdas e Legados na Literatura Portuguesa Recente." 


  • Leonor Simas-Almeida (advisor)
  • Onésimo T. Almeida (first reader)
  • Roquinaldo Ferreira (second reader)
(Distributed April 20, 2018)
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