Congratulations to our AM Graduate!

Congratulations to Marina Adams, who completed her AM program at POBS and will be continuing on to a PhD in Latin America History at Brown University. She will work under the guidance of James Green. 

We congratulate you on your accomplishments and wish you the best in future studies! (And we hope to see you at our Papo events when they resume :) 

(Distributed June 4, 2020)

Armanda Silva Prize Winners 2020

Congratulations to Jordan Jones and Torin Spangler who received the Armanda Silva Prize for the 2019-2020 academic year.

The Armanda Silva Prize is for extraordinary dedication to the Department of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies. It is named after Ms. Armanda Silva, Academic Department Manager in the Department of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies. Ms. Silva’s dedication and excellence have made her one of the foundational pillars of the Department. This award recognizes Ms. Silva’s countless contributions to our academic program and to the Brown community.

(Distributed June 1, 2020)
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