Fellowships, Prizes, and Funding

Various prizes, fellowships, and research funds are available to undergraduate students in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies. Students planning to apply for fellowships should make their intention known to the Concentration Advisor as early as possible to avoid missing deadlines.

The John and Clarice Scarritt Fund

The Scarritt Fund in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies has been established by Clarice and John A. Scarritt '73, P'09 to support trips to Brazil by Brown undergraduates for the purpose of conducting research for theses and participating in internships. Priority is given to Portuguese and Brazilian Studies concentrators and to non-concentrators who have demonstrated a commitment to Portuguese and Brazilian Studies through coursework and participation in departmental activities.

For more information, please contact Professors Patricia Sobral and/or Luiz F. Valente to set up a meeting to discuss your proposal idea. Interested students can then submit an Application for the John and Clarice Scarritt Fund in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies or view projects that have been supported by the Scarritt Fund.

Karina P. Lago Prize

Each year one or two senior concentrators are recommended for a special prize at graduation. This award recognizes outstanding academic achievement in the Portuguese and Brazilian Studies concentration. In 1995 the award was renamed in memory of Karina Palmira Lago'95, an outstanding student and exemplary human being, who passed away on November 6, 1995. The prize was endowed in December, 1997 by a generous gift from Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Small '63, P '97. 

Learn more about the Karina Lago Fund or view previous recipients of the prize.

Other Fellowships and Honors

Portuguese and Brazilian Studies concentrators have also competed favorably for national fellowships and university-wide honors:

Rotary Fellowship

Ianna Raim '87

Fulbright Scholarship

Eric M. Noble '05
Emily Witt '03
Lucia Duncan '99
Elizabeth D. Matos '99
Lissett C. Ferreira '99
Adjoa F. Jones de Almeida '95
Jacob C. Miller '91

Emery Fellowship

Karina P. Lago '95

Howard Swearer Fellowship

Leigh H. Scott '97

Phi Beta Kappa

Patrick A. Browne '04
Beatriz F. Arantes '03
Karina D. Saltman '02
Robert P. Newcomb '02
Rebecca R. Cohen '02
Kea E. Schwiebert '99
Adele E. Nelson '99
Monica Teixeira de Sousa '98
Daniel Perlin '97.5
Martin S. Small '97
Karina P. Lago '95
Adjoa F. Jones de Almeida '95
Vicki A. Meyer '94
Kristen M. Jackson '94
Benjamin D. Goodman '94
Katarzyna S. Stanclik '93
Grace E. Mitchell '93
Cara S. Joseph '92
Joshua Sens '89
Ianna Raim '87

A large number of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies concentrators have graduated "magna cum laude."