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Intensive Summer Arabic

This course is not yet available for enrollment.

Course Description

This intensive summer course (Equal to ARAB 0100 and ARAB 0200) is an introductory course designed to build basic listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills in Arabic. Given the vast geographical region in which it is spoken, the Arabic language has a variety of forms. One of them is Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). MSA is the medium of formal oral and written communication used throughout the Arab world, and the course will mainly focus on this form of the language. It is also the language of Arab media, modern science, education, and a significant means of literary expression. In everyday life, native speakers communicate in Colloquial Arabic. This second variety of the language is predominantly spoken and differs greatly between regions. This course draws upon the major colloquial form, Egyptian, to introduce essential colloquial vocabulary and grammar necessary for understanding and conducting simple acts of communication with native speakers (e.g., exchanging greetings, requesting and providing information about people, places, and events). The third variety of Arabic is called Classical Arabic. This is the language of the Qur’an, Christian worship in the Eastern churches, and of medieval scholarship and literature. MSA and Classical Arabic are very similar, and therefore, students who complete the course will be well-prepared to work with both forms.

NOTE: This course is equivalent to 2 semesters of college level Arabic. It counts for 2 course credits at Brown (6-8 credits at other colleges and universities)

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