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Scholar-Athlete: Sport Physiology

Course enrollment will be available for this course once it is scheduled.

Course enrollment will be available for this course once it is scheduled.

Course enrollment will be available for this course once it is scheduled.

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Course Description

The goal of the course is to understand the organ systems’ integrated response and adaptations to the stress of exercise. This topic is interesting to anyone who wants to understand what their body is actually doing at the biological level during exercise and post exercise. The course will introduce and demystify training regimens and diets and sciences' evolving role in making an athlete.

This course focuses on the main organ systems that collectively function to allow the body to exercise, including the nervous, muscle, cardiovascular, respiratory, and endocrine physiologies. In addition, general metabolic pathways and fuel sources are introduced. Students will also learn theories behind basic training methods, coaching, and ergogenic and athletic fitness tests. Current trends in exercise research will be blended into each session.

The course will lend a concise introduction to the Physiology of Exercise. Students will become acquainted with scientific literature and be privy to the latest trends on muscle synthesis, fuels, ergogenic aids, and training regimens. Lab and fieldwork will expose them to adaptations in the organ systems during exercise, as well as to the science of measuring the quality of performance.

By the end of the course, the students will understand how the body systems as a whole communicate, adapt, and collectively work together towards a new steady homeostatic point. They will have an idea of how when one system goes awry certain consequences will follow. Students will have hands-on experience in physiology testing practices. If an athlete, students will gain a foundation in why their sport requires certain training. Finally, they will be able to discuss the current trends in research on areas discussed, as well as have a picture of where exercise science is heading in the future.

Completion of a high school biology course is recommended.

*Please note: This course has a supplemental fee of $100

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