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Research Techniques in Biomedical Fields

Course enrollment will be available for this course once it is scheduled.

Course enrollment will be available for this course once it is scheduled.

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Course Description

Doctors work to treat diseases, but scientists work to cure them. Have you ever wondered about the work that goes on behind the scenes in Medicine? Do you want to find out what it is like to work in a laboratory and be a real "lab rat"? This laboratory intensive course is designed to expose students to basic laboratory research, current topics, and techniques in molecular biology, biotechnology, and medicine.

Students will carry out several experiments utilizing techniques related to both recombinant DNA and protein analysis. In addition to electrophoresis of proteins and nucleic acids, students will learn experimental techniques used to express and purify proteins, as well as several protein immunoassays. An introduction to cell culture will allow students to introduce foreign DNA into live mammalian cells and observe actual protein expression using fluorescent tags.

Students will be encouraged to think creatively in a scientific environment by proposing and carrying out independent experiments. Independent research projects will allow students to address theoretical, scientific questions by applying techniques and procedures learned in the laboratory.

Completion of a high school biology course is required and it is highly recommended that students have also taken chemistry.

*Please note: This course has a supplemental fee of $200

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